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SOMEWHERE screened at 'In Short, Europe: Best of Best European short film festival.'

SOMEWHERE - an animated short directed by Fabrizio Ellul was sscreened at the Ciné Lumière,Kensington, London on the 26th April as part of the EUNIC short film festival 'In Short, Europe: Best of Best European short film festival.'

The Festival is a diverse and exciting celebration of European short filmmaking and is going from strength to strength with each edition. This year, Best of Best, is no exception with all films being award winning. The 28 films travel across Europe from Ukraine to Scotland taking in countries as varied as the Faroe Islands, Flanders and Belgium’s Wallonia Brussels.

SOMEWHERE is an award winning animated short winning the French Riviera Film Festival and being selected in numerous international film festival. The animated short is support by Screen Malta while its participation to the EUNIC festival is supported by Arts Council Malta.


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Graphic novelists distributed through Filfla Studio/TLC

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