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Peter Magro is an illustrator and comic artist who has worked on productions such as local graphic novel S.T.E.A.M.: Island Under Siege (2015) (Story by Ashley Eric Peschel), Youth Guarantee Malta on A Guidebook to SEC Revision Classes (2018), as well as two short graphic novels for adolescents (Back in Time with Nannu Salv (2019) (Written by Liz Mallia) and Taħt (2019) (written by Ivan Ellul Xuereb).


Peter has also written, illustrated and published his first solo comic book series ‘Energy Quest’ in 2022, and 'Energy Quest Issue 2' in 2023, following up the adventures of Zero, the mechanical teddy



We live in a world where resources grow thin, ice caps melt by each year, and the looming shadow of artificial intelligence becomes more science than fiction at each advancement. This comic series interprets a survival story in the face of what seems like all doom and gloom for humanity. However, this is not a story about mankind, but the legacy of what humans may leave behind them: mounts of trash – and perhaps some artificial intelligence.


Here, it is in the most unlikely form of a robotic teddy bear originally constructed as a toy for children. However do not let the cute exterior fool you. This teddy bear, named Zero, has a heightened artificial intelligence and a robust robotic endoskeleton which allows him to upgrade, teach himself and prepare for any situation using anything at his disposal to survive.


Ultimately, the character of Zero as a representation of how humans grow from children and collection of scars of all forms on their way to adulthood – only to become stronger albeit more jaded and cynical as a consequence. Likewise, Zero has re-stitched himself up but in the process he has upgraded himself and grown more resilient.


ENERGY QUEST (issue 1) is available from the TLC Store on 87 Blanche Street, Sliema. Contact us on to order your copy. 

PriceL 10.50 EUR

Only 1 copy left!


In a not-so-distant future, mankind is all but mysteriously wiped out.


All that is left however, are the unkept ruins of cities and human debris – but also the next step in evolution: Artificial Intelligence.


In this second issue of Energy Quest we follow a now homeless Zero, the mechanical teddy bear, scavenging yet again for batteries after a brutal attack from earth’s dominant species - A hostile artificial intelligence – Hive Now


The Hive have a powerful weapon at their disposal: a corrupted army of electronics and bots left from the age of humans, dispatched as avatars and foot soldiers of the Hive with a single mission – to pursue and corrupt the raggedy bear until there is only one formidable intelligent being left on the planet – the singular minded Hive itself…

ENERGY QUEST (issue 2) is available from the TLC Store on 87 Blanche Street, Sliema. Contact us on to order your copy.
Price 15.50 EUR
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