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Hello there,

In 2020 I set up Filfla Studio as an independent art house studio based in Malta specialising in storytelling through the medium of digital art and 2D animation. 

Since then I worked with a number of talents to develop animated shorts going to win international film festivals. I also produced a graphic novel - distributed in Malta, Berlin and London as well as collaborating in producing animated backgrounds for theatre productions. 

I am responsible for the pre-production process and securing funding for the projects. If fundings are secure I then proceed to contact a number of talents to work on the projects. I have so far collaborated and worked with scrip writers, sound artists, 2D and 3D artists, graphic novelists and more.

Once the project is concluded I go ahead and plan their distribution. 

If you have a project in mind, wish to collaborate or a talent looking for freelance opportunities feel free to contact me on or  for more details.

Thank you


Fabrizio Ellul


Development of original idea into concept art, character development and mood boarding up to treatment and pitching support.


Animation is done in the frame-by-frame tradition using different techniques, including rotoscoping. All animation is in 2D and digitally drawn and coloured.


2D digital painting in .psd format suitable for animation or print. 

2D animated backgrounds

2D animated backgrounds solutions for theatre and film productions

Shots from The Everlink - a theatre production. 

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