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SOMEWHERE wins Best Animation at the French Riviera Film Festival!

SOMEWHERE is an animated short by Fabrizio Ellul and produced by Filfla Studio with the support of Screen Malta. This is Filfla Studio's third participation in the FRFF, winning its first jury award.

This is Filfla Studio's third production. Its previous animations included Filfla (2019), Mr Teddy is Angry (2021) and Somewhere (2022). It has also published a graphic novel 'Sarangu- the Sack Man' (2021) which is available in bookshops in Malta, London and Berlin.

SOMEWHERE follows Vincent - a researcher at the Halo space Research centre - who makes a detour to Planet Earth to retrieve an item. It is a story about ‘memory’, ‘remembering’ and ‘loss’.

The animated short was finalised in January 2023 and has already had screenings in Madrid, Barcelona, broadcasted in the UK and is expected to have other screenings in Europe and Asia.

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